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  1. Ta - did you see my edited earlier post? Does that make sense at all?
  2. Ah - using 802 with maximum buffer and 2 buffers, seems to be OK - Cheers In fact - as someone else pointed out - first play small gap - second play OK - I thought this may just be reading from a cache - I restarted and cleared cache and all is still OK OK - I know nothing how things work on this app , but is it possible PA is only reading the gapless tag into the library when it first plays a file? So a gap on first play, then gapless on subsequent?
  3. Sorry, tried that straight away - makes a very small difference, but stll not as good as v2 - which was perfect.
  4. Alas, no progress on gapless, still noticeable on my phone, whereas V2 was perfect. And GMMP, alpha3, is also perfect. What had changed in the engine between versions that had made things worse?
  5. Still failing Gapless on my Moto G5 with files on SD card ?
  6. OK - this explains why some people see it and others don't. What are the recommended settings for Audio Buffer (and others) found in Settings>>Audio>>Output>>OpenSL ES Output>>The "Active Output" to ensure the best gapless at the moment?
  7. Audio Buffer is hard to find Settings>>Audio>>Output>>OpenSL ES Output>>The "Active Output", as I type, for me that is Speaker>>Cogs>>Buffer Size and there you will have Buffer ms, buffers and post fade settings - matching the v2 ones gives me a better performance. But not perfect gapless, so reverting to 2.x - the phone is a Moto G5 which natively is crap at gapless DOn't forget to match these settings on "headphones" and other likely outputs.
  8. Is someone able to give any feedback on Gapless on Mot G5? Most "Gapless" players fail as they use the phone's engine, and on the G5 this is rubbish. All 2.x versions of PA are fine, the only other player that also seems to be OK s "GoneMad", I'm reluctant to move to any PA 3 version until it is a bit more stable and the text over the covers can be removed (OK a VERY small niggle, but as 2.x was close to perfect (for me) things like this become more important)
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