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  1. For me Chromcast works great! The only thing is that in the screen of chromecast the album artist is displayed. When I play a track from a compilation it says "various artists" instead of the track artist. In the normal gui it shows ok, only the chromecast screen does this.
  2. Update: during the process of library scanning the files are detected with the right name tags and time 0:01. After the full scan has finished the aac files disappeared in the library. To give you an answer to your question; I used winamp with the official fraunhofer/coding technologies encoder for all files (both aac and later om m4a) until 2016.
  3. These files are not recognized at all. Only one time with 798 I saw these files property recognized and my playlist was a lot longer. But after automatic rescan the aac files disappeared from the library. Did a full reset of the latest version of the app but I didn't solve anything.
  4. Files with the extension aac are not scanned by the library scanner. When loading those files from a file manager they play fine in Poweramp. Poweramp v2.0 does the job quite well. 08 - Midnight Juggernauts - Scorpius.aac Tested in build 799 and earlier.
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