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  1. I found the problem, the S3 don't like a 64 GB Card. With my new phone and the 64 GB card Poweramp work correct and I have now all my music Thanks for all
  2. Ah ok, did not see the other post. But if you work it on I can live with that.
  3. Yes I configure Poweramp to scan only 2 Folder, my musicfolder on the device and the musicfolder on my sd card. Than I go to library, All Songs an let the scan beginn. After every scan the number of tracks are different, thats the problem. As long as Poweramp do not get all my tracks it makes no sense to create my playlist. The big problem is not to create playlist, it is the missing tracks for my playlist.
  4. Hey TheoKlink, yes I used to compare PlayerPro (Trial-version). VLC and Apollo do not show me how many tracks they scan. PlayerPro scan the whole device, but I could configure the player which folder to scan and see how many tracks there where. Summary 8270 Tracks are in both musicfolder (intern and sd card). Best regards Maurawani
  5. Hello, I need a little help. I bought a 64 GB card for my mobile phone, filled it with lots of music and want to create my playlist and so on. I started to scan but Poweramp is quiet not sure how many folders with music they are, with every rescan the number of folders is changing. I tried with another app, this app told me there are 787 Folder , Poweramp change it by every rescan. To make sure that is not a difference in the folder display, I also compared the number of tracks.Poweramp is showing less (between 5000 and 7000) than d
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