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  1. It works even when not charging. I think that it pauses when it is no longer paired with the car. I think that it is an issue with specific phones and not with the app.
  2. I am rooted running a ROM, but to my knowledge nothing else like you said.
  3. I don't have that issue. When I shut the car off it pauses as if I pulled the headphone cable out. Check your headphone settings and see if its set to pause when the cable gets yanked. If that isn't it I can't help you.
  4. Does that also mean having the ability to skip tracks forward or back?
  5. My Mazdaspeed 3 pairs with my D2 and pauses the audio when I make or receive a call. I did not have to adjust any settings. Check the type of bluetooth your car has..it may not be capable to control streaming audio.
  6. I am using iBeats by Dre on a Droid 2, all I can do is skip to next track on any of the headset buttons. This is not a Poweramp problem, but is there a work around for us droid users to gain control of our media players without using the stock headsets? The mic doesn't even respond when I get a phone call. Droid does...not like stuff made for Apple products.
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