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  1. I can provide a cracked version to you. This cracked version of the Chinese translation is very good. Chinese users accustomed to using the LRC lyrics. You can not use local lyrics, only through plug-ins, which is not suitable for Chinese users use habits. And the price for Chinese users, too expensive. There is a developer called lonelycatgames. They have a good APP called X-plore. They gave a special price for Chinese users to adapt to the special situation in China. You can also consider for it. 4.99USD=31.86RMB The price means 3 days cost of living for Chinese student. Many Chinese only ac
  2. Dear developer(s): I want to buy a unlocker license of this APP But the translation of Chinese language is so terrible I can't understand many words what's the translator want to say By the poor user experiences,I think I will not buy this APP However The price level of this APP for a Chinese people is so high It's not suitable for Chinese people Chinese users just will accept the price under 2 USD or free For this two reasons I think Not many Chinese people use this APP Or by our own translation Or use cracked version By the way The order page for Chinese language in your website Not"预言" but"
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