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  1. But if we can download from gmusic there is no more need for gmusic app. Why would you even want to use gmusic in this situation? Just add any suport of gmusic.
  2. You are aware it's exactly the same answer for almost two years? Why not just say 'no idea how to do it, sorry guys'
  3. Well.. if you keep in mind that it is in the 'almost there' state for a year and a half and there was no progress whatsoever..
  4. how come it takes over half a year to implement gmusic support???
  5. dezz


    +1 its one of two features worth paying for and motivate to switch from free apps 1. Gmusic support - so people who use that can switch for G music app 2. Bookmarks - so people who are using mort player
  6. Would it be possible to add Google Music support to the app? If not full control then at least recognition of tracks/albums/folders There are external apps doing that, like Google music importer, so it has to be possible THX
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