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  1. I opened Poweramp this evening to discover it has updated to a radically different new version. I quickly realised that gapless playback is no longer enabled - there used to be an option to enable it in the audio settings but I can no longer find it there. Does anyone know where that option has been moved to?
  2. tommochocolate

    "Cut Silence" cuts actual audio

    I've recently started using Poweramp and I'm having this problem as well. I can't get gapless playback at all without enabling the Cut Silence setting. With Cut Silence enabled, most tracks sounds fine, but occasionally a split second gets cut off the end of a track. In fact I suspect that the end is being cut off every track, but that it's only noticeable when in certain situations, e.g. when the timing carries over from one track to the next, or when a track ends abruptly. Has anyone found a solution to this? (I realise the original post is from almost two years ago with no replies, so I'm not hopeful.)