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  1. I gave up on the volume rocker and earphones with controller (even the info you told me didn't work). Instead I'm going with this gadget that gives bluetooth remote control function along with a slew of other features in the form of a wrist watch reciever/sender:
  2. Didn't work for me at all, must be something that is built in your phone's ROM. It still only works when enabling the feature on PlayerPro for me but I strongly dislike the way the audio sounds from the player
  3. I would also like for there to be an alternate fuction as well to short press for track skipping and long press for volume. Both features are currently in PlayerPro but the audio engine sucks.
  4. When the screen is off, and on the lock screen widget, it would be a dramatic improvement to add a function to longpress volume keys to change the volume (in 1/3 second increments) , and short press to change the track. Also like in PlayerPro, it would be sweet to be able to swich functionality (longpress for track change, short press for volume up=next, down=previous). This is a feature that I love and is a must for when I go jogging. Curently only PlayerPro has it, and have it down PERFECTLY but the audio engine sucks. Would like very much to keep using Poweramp with this **crucial** feature. I love Poweramp's audio engine over all other players and therefore not having this control makes Poweramp incomplete for me. This seems to be a common issue among Android users that are not running Cyanogen Mod.
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