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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum and I decided to register to give some suggestion to improve this app (which is already the best music player on Android IMHO, I hope one day to see it on WP too ). I don't know if I should write here or in "future request" section but, since the many of the requests I'm going to make were included in previous releases and I'd like to see them back in this version, I decided to post here. These are my suggestions/requests: 1) Repeat, shuffle, menu, search, Eq and 3 dots buttons overlay the song cover art; is it possible to add an "hide after x seconds" setting in aspect menu like in older versions? 2) Is it possible to make easier to understand all the new settings in the audio menu? Resampler Type, Res Cutoff FR, Dither, Java Output, OpenSL ES Output. Many settings but without any technical explanation Is it normal that 44.1 KHz tracks are always upsampled to 48 KHz, no matter which setting you choose in audio menu? 3) Could you restore the setting that allows to use Poweramp menus instead of default android ones? I think it's quicker to use because there are symbols and buttons are larger. Also, add the option to remove the three dots button for devices with physical and/or virtual menu button. 4) I never use fullscreen mode (I prefer having the status bar visible) but when I put the new visualyzer fullscreen I'd like the status bar to disappear. Is it possible to add the function to override "hide status bar" setting when enabling fullscreen mode in visualization? 5) I'm not sure about this but it seems there is a little fading when changing track, even if you disable every fade option in menu. 6) BUGS: sometimes music stops with "decoder timed out" error. How to fix it? Lyrics with MusiXmatch plugin don't work, "No lyrics tag found in the song" error (of course my songs have tags). Aside from these considerations, congratulations for this amazing app, it's the best purchase I've ever done on the play store. p.s. sorry for bad english, correction are appreciated! p.p.s. If you need some help with the italian translation of the app I'll be honored to help you.
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