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  1. In the old version of Poweramp, there was an option to start playing the queue after the current folder is finished. That option is gone in the new version. This is the only option I use. The queue serves no purpose for me without it. I want to queue up a folder to play after I'm done listening to the current folder. I use this when I'm on a long drive or when I'm doing a cardio workout at the gym. I do this so I don't have to pull the car over or pause my workout in order to start playing the next folder.
  2. Poweramp used to provide an option to start the queue after the current folder. For some reason, that's been removed, leaving only the options to start immediately or after the current song. That feature needs to be restored. The Queue is virtually useless to me without it. I use the queue when I'm in the middle of playing a folder and I'm about to get in the car for a drive. If I'll be driving longer than the remaining songs in the folder, then I queue up the next folder so I can continue to listen without having to pull over and manually start the music. I also use it when I'
  3. Thanks. I wish they would provide options to disable this along with shuffle and repeat so I don't have to deal with the annoyances of accidentally turning them on.
  4. On this new version, there are no arrows that allow me to advance to the next track or go back to the previous one. This feature needs to be there. Please add it back.
  5. All of a sudden, Poweramp has started overlaying the player screen with this psychedelic flashing screen while the music is playing. I find this to be an annoyance, and I don't see a way of shutting it off. Is there a solution to this?
  6. Auto-resume doesn't always resume at the point where it left off. Most of the time, it skips ahead from about 30 seconds to a minute when I'm connected via my car's bluetooth (HandsfreeLink). That means I miss hearing part of the music unless I manually rewind it back to where it was. I have Build 793.
  7. I keep setting List Options for my folders to play by track number, and every time I close and re-open the program, Poweramp changes the setting back to play by song title. It should keep the setting I choose unless I go ahead and change again it myself. I'm using Build 793.
  8. When I'm viewing the songs within a folder in list format, the information for each song is indented nearly halfway across the screen, andand song titles don't fit in the remaining space. Almost half the screen is taken up by a sound wave image that serves no discernible purpose. I want to get rid of that so I can see the song titles. Also, please allow me to disable the shuffle and repeat modes. I literally never want to use these features, but I can count dozens of times where my listening experience was spoiled by having inadvertently activated them. It's especially bad since I often l
  9. There's another option besides Google Play that works with Android Audio, but I like PA better, so I've been using it with Bluetooth. Still it would be nice to be able to use Android Audio.
  10. "I want to be able to disable the visualization, timer, repeat, and shuffle buttons. And have the option to hide them, individually, from the screen. It is too easy to accidentally change them." Yes, PLEASE! At one time, there was an option to disable shuffle and repeat, and I don't understand why it was removed. I literally never want to use shuffle,. and I can count dozens of times when my listening experience was spoiled by having activated it inadvertently. It's a problem because I often listen while driving, and often, I can't change it back to the way I want it without findin
  11. Thanks. Now all I have to do is find a way to get the song list to display like it used to without huge indent on the left.
  12. I just started using the beta. Up till now I had my folders organized in a hierarchy. Now, they're in a long list, and I can't find a way of changing it back to a hierarchy. Where is the setting to do this?
  13. I don't understand why they removed this important function. What possible gain is there by eliminating it? It's very annoying to me when I inadvertently turn shuffle on while I'm listening to an album or a live concert recording. A song ends and suddenly, I'm somewhere in a completely different folder. And it often happens when I'm driving, so I have to pull over if I want to get back to listening to what I wanted to hear.
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