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  1. No problems whatsoever regarding the sound with the alpha installed. thank you so much!
  2. HTC 10 with Android 6.0.1 Software-Nr.: 1.30.401.1. Playing songs from device memory does not make a change.
  3. Tried it , the noise remains...even if I start the app right after downloading it the distortion is still there. I really have no clue what causes the problem...
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem with Poweramp that I can't seem to solve on my own. In some songs on my smartphone a cracking noise can be heard multiple times when the song is played via the Poweramp app. I tried reinstalling the app several times. I use the free version at the moment, but I would instantly buy the full version if I didn't have this problem. I also tested multiple other music player apps (google play music, blackplayer, etc.) and they work fine. Example video
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