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  1. Hey flyingdutchman, you have been working with me via email today, looking at skins and transparency. I am Andrew and this was my post.
  2. I'd like to see the re-introduction of the option that allowed you to zoom the size of the album art that was displayed. See the attached screenshot for reference.
  3. I understand about the "power" of Poweramp, and I have no problem with lots of controls. The attached image shows a music player I use regularly. I wish I had the knowledge to customize myself.
  4. This is how my screen looked the last time I used Poweramp
  5. I'd love to start using Poweramp again (already purchased) but I just don't feel comfortable using the interface/skins that are available. There's too much on them and they all seem to display Artist and Album together on same line. I'm a huge fan of transparency. Is there anything that comes close to these examples.
  6. Fair enough, thanks for the reply. It's actually the make or break point for me. I much prefer the clean clutter free skin, with options tucked away, so I'm gonna play the waiting game for the skins.
  7. I'm looking for some clarification as to what is happening with the options that obscure the album art. Using the attached screenshot as an example, are we saying that the 6 (six) icons that currently obscure the album art, will remain in place. In previous versions all of these icons could be hidden/removed. This is not possible with any of them now, as far as I can see (have researched the forum for answers)
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