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  1. I returned today from a trip to London. An hour or so into the flight Poweramp again stopped working with the usual message about being unable to verify the license without an internet connection. So for the remaining nine hours of the flight to Los Angeles I couldn't use this app. I don't think that I have ever completed a transatlantic or transpacific flight and not have PA stop working once disconnected from the internet. Other users must be using PA on airplanes, so why does it always happen to this installation? For the record, the hardware is a Zenfone 2 running Android 5.0. The
  2. I use Poweramp almost exclusively on Transpacific or Transatlantic flights, and start the software after the aircraft has pulled away from the gate. For the third time I have received a message "Failed to Verify License" or words to that effect, making the software unusable for a 12 hour flight. Why does the software keep having to verify the license? It is absurd that the software can only be used when there is an internet connection. This is the only software that I'm aware of that requires this. Why isn't the license resident on the hardware on which the app has been downloaded? The ap
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