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  1. Meanwhile solved the problem,,,, search. I formatted SD card again. (Too many phone was inside the card :-)) News: http://www.androidauthority.com/lg-g6-quad-dac-audio-749258/ LG G6 with the ES9218 Quad DAC. LG, the same will the LG G6 Quad in Dac like LG V20 in. (Source: androidauthory) This does not change the plans? (Hig Res-out support) It would be worth the soc supported between the ES9218 Quad DAC. Music Players Tested for ES9218 Quad DAC out. LG Stock Music Player - 96kHz playback (I am sure it will do higher, I just can't record higher than 96kHz.) Black Pl
  2. Thanks for the reply . I would really appreciate it . It can also share this HeadFi board, 90% of those who use the Poweramp used LGV10 / 20 phone. Thank you, Andre.
  3. A question . It is expected to further develop the Poweramp? LG V20 able Quad Dac : Internally connected parallel quad DACs deliver superb 124dB DNR and -112dB THD+N , The ES9218’s integrated DAC supports up to 32-bit 384 kHz PCM and DSD512 data in master or slave timing modes !! These things are difficult to fill in a program, but not impossible. :-)
  4. Both materials associated with 70% of the music :-) I'm practically at the LG V20-I use DAP does well. I'm really loving Hifi. That's why I bought at Lg V20. Poweramp v3 + LgV20 + HighGain mode. = More beautiful voice. a high-quality headphones. ,,perhaps,, as a Astell & Kern AK 240 SS , And certainly 3500 dollars. But I would add, in the case of the LG V10. the same amount of material was music%. So much had no trouble re-scanning. Therefore, it is important for us to Poweramp v3, because without the program, certainly a lot of LG V20 / 10 user would be in trouble. With
  5. Thank you for your response Andre (seems logical), so I'll try. In fact, it has the big LGV20 64GB internal storage. I lay here HighRes music (DSD / DSF / 24bit Flac) And for the 128 gb sd memory card the FLAC music. Only 2 folders , but one in the internal, and the orher in the SD card . Thanks for the good advice.
  6. What I noticed. Great use of batteries. Should be stopped if you do not use the application, it consumes more. This is interesting.
  7. Now I wiped and re-installed the application. I did a complete re-search, internal / external repository. Only the selected music folders. Now it seems you can find all the folders and files it contains music (FLAC / DSD / APE) So when I copy music from the new storage space, always have to do this? It would strange.
  8. Hi . Thanks for the reply . I stick the internal and the external repository can put music files. Both solutions described in've tried. (Find All Folders in and out, or just select the folders where you are in the music.) A very long time to find your new files. This had no such problem in case of LgV10. But that Android was 6:01.
  9. Hi . I have LgV20 me. Android 7.0. Beautiful heather sabre quad DAC and Poweramp. The v3 version is very difficult when looking at new albums with other polyols storage. Why is that ? It's like if you look for a very long time, indicates the albums in the folder view, but when I enter the folder contains no songs. ye have been tested under Android 7.0? During a search, as if the system get stuck, it heats up the CPU at this time. Thank you answer someone. ((I used a year-LGV10 v3 version of me, I did not experience something like that)
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