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  1. That'll be a great addition, looking forward to it.
  2. Thanks Max. So it's not the same for every band? I was calibrating a set of earphones by using pre defined eq curves someone posted a while ago on GitHub that requires a q factor of 1.4. Is it possible to somehow change q factors?
  3. Does anyone know what q-factor does Poweramp's eq employ for all its bands? Thanks.
  4. @Andrew0 Thanks, looking great. Also if you could make the audio info transparent just like it is in the default skin
  5. Thanks for the skin. If only everything was a little less rounded it would be perfect.
  6. I'm getting sound through other output devices even when using a wired headset. Oppo f3 plus (android 6.0.1)
  7. Under 5 seconds of pausing the music, if Poweramp is cleared from recents would cause it to run in the background for hours. But if it is left in recents after pausing music & leaving the app unopened for 5+ seconds it eventually stops its background process and then it can also be cleared from the recents tab. I don't know if this is a known bug or not but needs fixing. Also this extends to all versions of Poweramp including the non - alphas
  8. Thanks Andre for the quick reply, though a reply from dev as to how far he's come with the beta would've been nicer
  9. It's been a long wait since the alpha 703
  10. There has been some lag sometimes in the lollipop ripple effect when we tap the song name on the now playing screen in the galaxy e7. Also the seek feels quite better when the audio buffers are set to small and huge
  11. Please add the option to hide the shuffle and repeat buttons or even the settings or search buttons in the next update.
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