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  1. Still, it started only after the update. Is it possible to install the older version?
  2. Looks like it's set on 'Normal, 50ms x 2'.
  3. Buffer Size under 'Chromecast' is 1500ms, Manual Track Change Fading under 'Crossfade, Fade, Gapless' is Short Crossfade, Fade Play/Pause/Stop is ticked, Fade on Seek is ticked, Crossfade Length is 5000ms.
  4. LG G5 user of the paid Poweramp. Ever since my phone autoupdated to the newest version of Poweramp (the one about a month ago which came with a new design and a new way of fastforwarding playing music), when I attempt to change from one playing song to another, it does so in delay of several seconds. Trying to quit the app doesn't help and it still requires those seconds delay before it executes the action. What can I do? And if nothing can be done, can I just please return to the old version?
  5. If I add lyrics via mp3tag to the Unsynced Lyrics, would they properly appear on the Poweramp player when playing the song? Or do I need to add them to another tab in the mp3tag?
  6. Got it. How long until official release of new version? (the current alpha)
  7. Googling the latest alpha build would result in 704, yet the Downloads tab here links to 587. Which one is the latest?
  8. Hi Andre, About lyrics. Using Musixmatch application doesn't make the lyrics follow as the song plays and so I have to manually scroll. Is it possible to have them automatically scroll like in the custom media player?
  9. When I try to play a FLAC file on my Android phone through Poweramp, it just fast-forwards it without playing it. Also how do I automatically load tags from database on a file which I haven't yet tagged from the computer?
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