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  1. So one quirk I noticed is when you have "shuffle songs, lists in order" and "repeat list", Poweramp will not let you go to any previous track before the first one selected. If you try to skip before the first track picked it will stick on the first track. In other shuffle implementations, the player will keep the same shuffled order but let you skip in both directions. Ex: ACDEB tracks, if C is picked the player should allow for skipping backwards to A, B, E, and so on. This is just a small thing I noticed, but would be cool if it could be changed to reflect how shuffle works in most media players.
  2. I really like the alpha features so far, and the UI is already much nicer. Loving the swipe in from left to bring up the Album/Artist lists. The spectrum visualization and reverb tweaking is also a handy feature for people like me that like to tweak everything I voted for Google Music support because I would love to be able to play my purchased music right from PAmp instead of downloading and copying it over every time. now that Google Music supports local files (finally), I sort of forgot about PAmp until I saw the alpha. Thanks Max for your hard work.
  3. I will test this out on my Time with Music Boss later today on version 703.
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