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  1. Already sent, many times, but without success... Devs don't like me...
  2. Good for you, Jasi. On my phone currently instaled .703 build from Play Store (I'm beta tester), but unregistered...
  3. Andre, does money from web site purchase go to other developer team unlike purchase from Play Store?
  4. Doesn' t know it's such a BIG thing to send me redeem code. I can't use two licenses on my phone at same way. Before 8 days I receive one reply, where he told me it's ok, we'll send you link, but today their answer is totally different...
  5. I just want to say this is the worse supported paid app on Play Store. Support team (or one man, Alex), from mail Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com, told me before eight days to send him my order ID and Google Play account to me delivered link for redeem code for Unlocker app. But today, after many messages, I receive generic reply from him, again: "We checked with Google Play and it doesn't provide any way for us to add your account, it would be new purchase for you". Don't know, is this such a big deal to send me?
  6. That is main reason for I want unlocked Unlocker app from Play Store. Why Poweramp owner(s) do not merge different purchased methods?
  7. Already did... Thanks again, Andre and if you ask me, can lock this topic. Cheers
  8. Andre, thanks for fast answers... When I want to purchase app before two days, had some temporary problems with Google Play transactions. That's the only reason for choose transaction from web site. And if there's possibility to bypass remembering Order ID why it's too hard to enable Unlocker from Play Store via redeem code when app is already purchased (for full price )?
  9. Well, it's really bad. I just want to use this app properly, without registration with my e-mail and order ID every time when flash rom or clear cash/data on app. Is such a big problem to send redeem code for Unlocker from Play Store? Poweramp is taken for ~4e, and I think that deserve better customer support (my opinion). Sending mail to maxmpz, but without success...
  10. Hello, I have one question. I've purchased Poweramp app yesterday from website. Question is, can I make 'unlocked' (purchased) Poweramp Unlocker for my Play Store account? I frequently flash my OS and it's really hard to always enter my e-mail and purchased ID and also haven't option for registering alpha build. Hope you can help me, because I really want this app working 'easy' on my phone (the best audio player).
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