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  1. I would like to see two features added: 1) I am hoping that you can implement a Replaygain feature that was available on the Squeezebox platform. I could set a mode where it would use album or track gain based on the what was added to the playlist. For example, if I added an album(s) to the playlist, it would play in album mode, but if I simply added individual tracks, it would play in track mode. 2) Add an option to set the the duck volume when dealing with short audiofocus requests. I find the default option lowers the music a bit too much. Thanks!
  2. I'm also chiming in to heavily support this request, since it still isn't fixed in the latest testing build. I find this to be a very annoying aspect of this otherwise great music player. Please add this option!
  3. I would like to request that this be an option. As with others, my car stereo sends out the stop command when I turn it off, and I prefer the player to stop and return to the beginning of the song. I like my songs to start back at the beginning when I come back to the car. I'm currently using another player that supports the stop command in this way, but am considering switching to Poweramp, so I'm hoping you can add this as an option. Thanks!
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