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  1. Yep, that’s pretty obvious the scaling is poor. Thanks for posting this!
  2. Hey there, anyone got any help about this problem? On my side it’s still there on build 853. Any chance it could be fixed? Spasiva!
  3. Hi all, i'm definitely hoping for that improvement as well. The problem is not the resolution of images, but the weight. See this post for more detail.
  4. @djdarko Thanks for the info. I didn't notice it on my own. I guess both are needed indeed! I agree having 20 MB pics is worthless if scaling is not working properly. However, the fact is that if the folder image exceeds 4MB, it won't be displayed at all, which is pretty annoying. Lets hope that maxmp will have time to dedicate to these!
  5. According to the FAQ, the max size for in-folder is 4 MB. However, some of my albums have large resolution files. However, downloaded art files are allowed 8 to 24 MB "depending on device memory". My device is LG V20, it has 4 GB of RAM, which is quite a lot. Hence i think it would be great to have an option to manually override the 4 MB limit, maybe type a value lower than 24 MB? I know i could batch resize every file, but i don't want to create additional discrepancies between my PC and mobile libraries. I promise i won't complain if the memory usage reaches the sky! ^-^ Cnacibo!
  6. I totally second that, and i used to have the same usage of this feature on v2. Thanks Maxmp for working of it!
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