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  1. @andrewilley By "built-in music player", I mean the music player app that came with my LG G3 pre-installed, like the one that you cannot delete even if you try (unless you try really hard maybe, lol), so yes, I suppose that would mean the music folder in my device's local file system, which contributes to the phone's internal memory, right? When I say "keep a song", I mean that when I have linked the music folder from my SD card to Poweramp (which successfully worked), I do a little test and delete a random song from the "music folder in the device's local file system/internal memory" (or the built-in music app that came with the phone pre-installed, like the equivalent of the itunes music app for iphones) and then I check for that same song in the Poweramp music library AND my SD card's music folder, and every time I have tried this, the song is deleted from both the Poweramp music app AND my SD card's music folder. So, I guess a better question before I move any further along this process is this: is it possible to delete all of my music files from my phone's internal memory (built-in music app/music folder in phone's local file system) and still be able to keep the files on another music app such as Poweramp and my SD card? Because if not, then I purchased the SD card for the wrong reason. Thanks!: )
  2. @andrewilley I have tried that and it still will not keep a song once I delete it from the built in music player. I want to get to the place where I don't have any music files on my phone's internal memory.
  3. Hello everyone! I recently purchased a micro SD card for my LG G3 with the intention of moving and storing all of my music files on the SD card so that I would have more room on my phone for applications/photos/etc. I moved my music files from the internal memory to the SD card, however, when I tested to see if I could play a music file from the SD card without the file being on the phone's internal memory, the file did not show up on the SD card. I then researched and was told that I needed to have the music folder on my SD card linked to a music player, so I installed the recommended "Poweramp" music player and attempted to link my music folder from the SD card to the Poweramp app. I then tested again by deleting a music file from the internal memory of my phone and attempted to play it in Poweramp, but the music file disappeared again. Can someone tell me how to CORRECTLY link my SD card music folder with the Poweramp app so that I can play music from the SD card without having the music on the phone's internal memory, which is the primary reason that I purchased the SD card. Thanks!
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