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  1. I wrote that one FAQ in the hopes that it might make a good addition to the FAQ section of these forums, simply because it had been a bit of trouble to puzzle out how it works and thought others might benefit from it. I don't have anything approaching an understanding of other aspects of the player, particularly those features I never use anyway. Plus it sounds like there's a lot to cover and it would take more time than I have to spare these days.
  2. I don't use the Disc# tag; it was incorporated into the album title similar to what you describe. Unless and until there's a way to specify both a primary and secondary tag for ordering, I don't see a way to make it work.
  3. Ah, that particular option wasn't available when I tapped List Options from the list of folders, only when I opened a folder and then tapped it. Another case of a feature that's anything but obvious... ...which it turns out doesn't even work as I would have hoped. I tried loading the very album from my earlier example, viewed the folder after changing it to sort by album, and it does indeed have all of disc 1 before disc 2, but the tracks of each disc are sorted alphabetically by title. No way I could find to tell it to use track number as a secondary sort field.
  4. Other default sort options in folders mode. Currently uses Track number / Track title (don't know where Artist fits in, Album title doesn't matter). An alternative I would like to have available is Album title / track number. For example, suppose I load 26 files in a folder, 13 of them have album title "The Wall (disc 1)" and are numbered 1 to 13, and the rest have album title "The Wall (disc 2)" numbered 1-13. Currently the default order is to play both track 1s first, in alphabetical order by title, then both track 2s alphabetically by title, and so forth. The suggested alternative woul
  5. All right, here is my first crack at an FAQ. Suggestions/improvements welcome. How do I use different playing modes? Poweramp offers a variety of playing modes. Which you can explore by tapping the Folders/Lib icon (the one with a treble sign with a folder behind it). There are two options here. Folders will take you to Folders mode; Library will take you to a list of other modes. Some might not be visible. To control which ones are visible on your Library menu, from the Library screen tap Menu => List Options and select/deselect modes as desired. To switch to a desired playi
  6. I'm not sure what you think I'm overthinking. When some problem takes a lot longer than it seems like it should to solve and I eventually figure out or am told the solution, sometimes my reaction is, "Duh! Not sure why I didn't see that before," and other times it's more like, "Was that supposed to be obvious? Because it certainly wasn't." The question of how to change modes (and to tell what mode you're in) in this discussion was an example of the latter. Anyhow, I have it working the way I want it to, and whatever other comments or questions I have at this point probably belong in
  7. Yesterday I'm pretty sure I had it in album shuffle mode but don't know how I got there. Then earlier today I tried putting it into Folders mode and could neither figure out how to do that nor how to get it back to album shuffle mode after the attempt. I still don't know how to get it into Album mode, or Folders mode, or Playlist mode, or All Songs mode, or how to tell which mode I'm currently in. (Is the Folder/Lib icon supposed to change to indicate which mode you're in? If so, it's in All Songs mode and nothing I've done has changed that.) So I tried putting it in Album mode (tapped th
  8. This discussion is helping me get a better feel for how the whole Tracks vs. Albums vs. Folders vs. Playlists things works. I suppose one of my complaints about Poweramp so far is that this isn't explained (that I could find) in any of the available help or documentation and I had to ask questions here on the forums to figure out how to make it work. Speaking of which, there isn't a Folders option in the Library view, and when I open the Folders view and select shuffle, it does an All shuffle rather than a List, so I'm still not clear on how you to a List shuffle in Folders mode. On
  9. I got it working the way I wanted to for now, but not sure if I can remember what I did or if I could repeat the steps. It's not like this is the only listening mode I'll ever use and when I change something I need to know how to change it back. While it's nice that Poweramp seems to have all the features I want most, some of them are anything but obvious to figure out how to use and make them work the way I'd like them to. Ideal operation for my purposes would be if I could have each folder treated as a 'virtual album', preferably with as little as possible tweaking of the tags, filename
  10. This seems like it should be easy, but I'm having a devil of a time figuring out how to do it. How do you get the player to reshuffle the playlist? My intention is to play albums in "album shuffle" mode - that is, play albums in random order but play each album in order, and I understand the "Lists" shuffle mode is the one I want for this. I loaded up several albums, but apparently before I changed the setting it had already generated a shuffled playlist using the "All" shuffle mode. I've changed it to "Lists", but it's still playing tracks using the previously generated playlist and I ca
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