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  1. Hi here ok, here is the deal: got a new phone after my previous one got stolen so on this one official latest LineageOS 14.1, NO google, no gapps, only Yalp and F-Droid... and I am not using LineageOS default email client but K9 mail instead (i'm mentioning this as website license requires email account registered under Settings > Accounts for website license to work; with K9 my email account is not registered on the device) I have a license for Poweramp that I bought from the website, as it was not working the 1st time I even bought a new one (I can provide proof)
  2. I am fully aware of the link you provided as this is the information I get from the app itself; so in a way you are saying this statement is NOT actually true (this is not a life license)?
  3. Hi well sometimes it does, sometimes it does and I can't quite work it out - can you please help? I must say I flash roms regularly on my SM-N910F samsung galaxy note 4. I bought winamp in 2011 and got the unlocker. The process I follow is to download the app from the site: Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk run the unlocker - I get the full winamp then install alpha-build-703 and sometinmes it registers sometimes it does as is the case now... what am i doing wrong? Thanks
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