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  1. It is handled by several apps... The point was to have Poweramp be the one stop end all. The code's for the encoding of the audio files are already present in Poweramp... Why not allow the user to be able to use said code's rather than outsource to another app. Or if it is making the main app bloated why not have it as an add-on that users can choose to install. In the same fashion as a skin.
  2. As this app can read and utilize multiple media formats why not add an audio conversion tool embedded in the app? That could assist audiophiles in converting their media content to their desired format and bitrate. You could even allow the trial version of the app only to convert to say- .mp3 format maxing out a bitrate of say 96kbps. And even then only 10 files during the trial. The paid version would get access to all formats say to a max of 640 kbps. Please if you consider this feature to be implemented do consider the compact nature of your current release and try to maintain the apps' lightweight functionality. I think, going forward, this feature would open up a whole new class for this app further cementing it as the audio go to for Android.
  3. For those looking to consolidate their library content to a single bitrate this feature would be useful. If possible one could even have a unique search feature to only return specific bitrate so they can be removed in batch.
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