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  1. Doesn't support Viper4abdroid.. Please trey fix this
  2. Hey guys instead of sending ideas to this guys why don't we send then to black player... It's the future app, Poweramp is dead, it's past its time .. And I think it's just hard for max to agree on this but this the plain truth.
  3. This project is dead.. Just look for another player best alternative Black player
  4. Talk of lyrics software, Music match does that So what's wrong me asking for a feature be added??
  5. That's a feature am asking for. Poweramp should have everything related to music all in one
  6. Ability for poweramp to automatically identify songs just like Shazam Or track ID,
  7. Okay we'd love a visualization where by we can see both the visualization and the album art .that will be cool Then instead of stars why don't we give a Mike, I mean this about music .. T The music transition should also be changed, let us have different types of transition , that can apply when swippin music.
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