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  1. unfortunately I hadn't get it from any official source and now I can't remember where I have found it. When I tried to update android in "official" way (by update menu in setting) my LG get a bootloop. It took me a while to repair it build number is MRA58K
  2. Hi guys! I apologize in advance for my linguistic mistakes I've got LG G4c with Android 6.0 and Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588. When i turn on Poweramp, everything goes well, but when I use any button on notification, notification bugs - artist's name, album and track titles disappear. Moreover I cant use buttons. I tap on them and nothing happens, but when I tap on the remaining place of notification, that brings me to Poweramp's screen, so that's ok. When i had Android 4.4.2 everything was good, this issue is occurring since when I've updated Android to 6.0 version. It looks like this.
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