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  1. Thank you for your answer Andre ! I don't have my songs organized in folders and subfolders, everything is in a "Music" folder... So I'll keep the "_" thing, no big deal it was just to know if there was another way ! Have a good day
  2. Hello everyone, I'm posting here because I have a little problem pretty annoying. I'll explain you : at first I found out that the cover of the last song (in alphabetical order) in an album will define the cover of the album in album view. The other songs can be something else than the album cover (single cover, artwork, etc...), the cover of the last song will define it. What I am doing is I rename on my computer the song from which I want the cover defining the album art as "artist1 _ title". This way it puts the song all at the end behind the "artist1 - title" songs, and this song defi
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