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  1. I liked this view. Also I would like if there was way to disable this huge picture of the art in folder view as it takes spaces and makes scrolling more tedious Lastly I am probably the only who wants this feature but it would be so useful if when you queue songs it would so the lenght of the queue and how much is there time left. I would even willing to pay for it if it doesn't cost a arm and leg.
  2. So no one answered my question. Is there way to disable album art completely from this view? Older version had it but on 800 I don't see the option in the menu. Will it come back as an option?
  3. So how do I stop album art showing in the player view and as big picture on top of the folder view?
  4. Would it be possible to get a timer how long there is left in the queue when you queue up songs?
  5. So I updated now I had 702 ver since forever. Is there any skin to have old look like in 702? I want the updates and bug fixes, but I prefer the old style. I barely had any issues with the 702 so in worse case I can just go back to that
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