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  1. Is there a way to normalize song volume? The volume varies wildly from song to song. Is there some sort of compressor addon where I can select the minimum and maximum volume of the songs? One song will be earsplittingly loud and the next will be barely audible
  2. nope. none of that has happened. it just up and randomly decided to recheck it.
  3. I looked at the links, the first one doesnt apply to me as my app isnt cracked. the 2nd one ALSO doesnt apply to me because i have have my DAP and this app for about a month and it just decided to reverify the license even tho there were no downloads
  4. Whenever I am someplace with no internet, there is always the possibility that the app will decide it wants to verify my license through googleplay which is problematic as i am frequently in places with no internet. like today, i was driving along, went into a store and *poof* "there are too many files playing so the app will stop" or some such nonsense so i backspace and find out that its trying to check the license online. can you make it so it stops doing this so it will ALWAYS work please? I am home now and it still has yet to recover.
  5. and now it seems to be working, 45 minutes later...
  6. Bought unlocked on the 20th. Has been working great. that is, until today. it errored out and said there were too many failed files. went to restart it, then it said the license cant be verified. clicked on the FAQ with the same error i was getting, told me to connect to google play store as it may not have connected completely during an update or some such thing. connected to playstore fine. app was in my orders as "installed". went to app from the play store. "cant verify license" yet again. playstore is fine on my device. your app, on the other hand is having massive emotional problems and
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