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  1. @flyingdutchman Thanks But about the seekbar, was talking about that you can't see the seekbar when navbar background color is set to some solid color. I now have set the navbar to be transparent, so the seekbar is visible. Still would like to make solid black as navbar background color and it's why I ask if it's a known bug or probably just device related? I have an Xiaomi Redmi 8a
  2. @flyingdutchman Tried your paid version and two issues In the screen the red arrow is pointing to the seekbar. Kinda hidden when background of navbar is set to Black. You only see that moving dot a little. Could make the navbar background transparent so it would work, but i wonder if it's just an bug on my end because I don't use the most mainstream phone there is (Xiaomi Redmi 8a) Second, don't know if it's yaps skin related, but in the screen the yellow circle. Could you tell me how I would hide that information? Very much like the design aspect in the equalizer settings page this time. Especially having it so that you don't need to scroll from left to right to control all the sliders. Now I'll wait for your next release and hope for my feature to be added 😛
  3. @flyingdutchman downloaded that yaps skin free, there was no fee Or could you release one
  4. Had your skin installed, get what you mean. Disable waveseek clicks when seekbar is showing would totally do it. Not happy with different design layout in the equalizer section at first, have to play around with your yaps skin little bit more Do you offer an more polished skin that gives an option to leave layout design aspects to Poweramp default but only be able to tweak colors and have those tweaking options we taking about?
  5. Can I tweak one of your skins to do what I want? Having an actual working minimal seekbar with a waveform on top of it? Or could you make it that the waveseek only reacts to touches below buttons? My unintentional touches mainly come from keeping the screen alive by touching the screen area reachable most comfortable for my thumb, which unfortunately is around the waveform area. But the upper side one. So if the waveform would only react to touches below the buttons I think that could work.
  6. Hi, I had to change from default seekbar to the simple seekbar due to unintentional touches on my side (big thumb etc) But now with the simple seekbar fixing the unintentional touches, the waveform is gone to. Kind of like it with no waveform, but would be a final touch if there was one for the simple seekbar users as an option at least Yours sincerely Edit : added a picture that shows what I mean. Doesn't have the pro buttons in the picture because I did a quick edit just putting one picture over the other :p. But my request is with the pro buttons, although after looking at it with non pro buttons I wouldn't mind that too much tbh
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