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  1. I rolled back Google, to the APK Mirror version listed. BUT... Google keeps updating by itself, even though I have automatic updates disabled in the play store, and I can't figure out how to stop it from updating. I won't disable an important part of my system for headphone clicks, so the workaround works for about half an hour at best until the Google app updates itself. This still needs to be fixed. As for calling this a minor issue, it has kept me from using PA for a couple of months. I'm now using Black player ex. The headphones work as advertised with this app, regardless of the Google version. IMO, this is more important than the Equalizer, if users are jumping ship for other apps that work correctly. Edit: I should mention I tried the rollback 3 times, with the same result.
  2. A workaround, maybe. But not a solution, and not just Google's problem, based on the fact that every other app works normally as far as the clicks are concerned, but only PA doesn't. If it were only Google/Android, none of these apps would work either.
  3. I noticed that PA and PA Equalizer both have the battery being optimized in the Android system. I'm going to try something as a test. I'll disable the optimization to see if it makes a difference. At least as, a workaround. But it'll have to wait for a bit, I don't have any wired headphones with me. Edit: didn't make any difference.
  4. I have this problem too. Using the wired headset (any of various) when the phone has the lockscreen engaged, a double-click results in a pause action instead of a skip. A triple click is the same. But sometimes it skips to the next song, and pauses at the same time. I have to click again to get the song to play. The beeps are confused, sometimes only one, sometimes both together, sometimes none at all, and no action. Sometimes I pause, and it takes a, couple of seconds for the command to be processed. This did NOT happen before v905-uni. I enter settings, and set skip to long click, then back to double-click again, and it works OK for a couple of songs, then back to the problem again. Double-click works with the rest of my audio apps: Smart Audiobook player, Black player, Spotify, just not PA. Moto G9 plus, Android 10. But there haven't been any recent updates to Android, not even a security update since March, and the problem is more recent.
  5. BTW, an answer I forgot: wired headphones, the Samsung /AKG originals that came with the phone. Not Bluetooth, actually I never tried it with my BT headphones.
  6. Yes! I can say for sure, the glitch is gone with 829. Smooth fade to pause and skip without the stutter, as it was in the previous versions. Definitely the 828 build, maybe just didn't like some setting on my phone. But, back to normal now.
  7. I updated from 826. I did not manually change any settings, I'm using hi-res, same settings as before. I've attached screens. I see since I posted 829 is available, let me give that a try and see if the issue gets resolved.
  8. Pause and skip not smooth. Galaxy S9+ ONE UI, Snapdragon Kind of a strange thing happens since I updated to 828. When I press the headphone button to pause, it doesn't pause instantly, there a bit of stuttering of the music before it stops. Skipping ahead and back does the same thing before the next song plays. The pause and skip functions fine, it's just that kind of annoying stuttering that affects a clean transition. Kind of like changing tracks on a vinyl LP, and not picking up the needle cleanly. I do not have any silence-skipping or overlap settings. Just normal. Before 828, I did not encounter this.
  9. I bought the site version 5 or 6 years ago, at the time needed the activator. Every update has been the site version, including 792, and 795. I always had the activator installed, never a problem. Most recently I installed 795, it was working perfectly until suddenly yesterday, the license wouldn't activate. Tried to recover through the app, option was greyed out. Uninstalled unlocker, restarted the phone, same problem. Cleared all data, same. Uninstalled and reinstalled 795, same. Uninstalled, went back to 792, works perfectly. Upgraded to 795 again, no license. I don't know how I can explain any better.
  10. Activator/unlocker, whatever. I bought the original version, about 5 or 6 years ago, from the site. At that time, all site versions required the unlocker. Install trial, pay for the app, then get the link to download the activator. If you think it's fishy, you haven't been a Poweramp user very long. The unlocker file FROM Poweramp: Poweramp-(alt)-Full-Version-Unlocker-2.0-build-22.apk. It was necessary to activate at the time, still works.
  11. That would be great except for a few points: 1: 795 has been working on my phone, with license activated until this morning. I did nothing with my phone, and since it had been working until about 10:30 this morning, "Target = 28" is irrelevent. 2: I have made no rom update, I using stock rom, 8.0, no device reset, I had been listening to music until about 10:30 this morning, put the phone down, took a shower, THEN after my shower: NO LICENSE! 3: I tried everything to restore purchase, but the 795 app doesn't allow me to select that option, it is greyed out, and doesn't respond. As you can see in the screenshots below. 4: I finally uninstalled 795, and activator. I installed 792, reinstalled activator, it worked PERFECTLY as you can see in the screen shot that says "thank you for purchasing" I reinstalled (Updated) 795, and AGAIN, no license, restore not available. I ended up staying for now with 792, but destroyed all my settings. This just happened suddenly, without any input or interference from me.
  12. I just tried it, and the same thing happened after I upgraded. So I uninstalled 795 again, reinstalled 792, and 792 is normal.
  13. AHHH! I tried everything with 795 and nothing worked. I uninstalled 795, and installed 792. Voila!!! 792 is normal, accepts the license. So, it appears there is a problem with 795. So, I reinstalled 795 on top, back to "can't verify licenxe" So for sure, there's a bug in 795. This just manifested a few hours ago, so I'm sure it has nothing to do with my phone, since 792 works perfectly. Galaxy S9+ ,
  14. Thanks, I'll try, but (1) that will delete all my settings and (2) it was working perfectly, so why the change? Server?
  15. Suddenly, (worked fine a couple of hours ago), I can't start Poweramp 795 because I get the message: Can't verify license. Can't find valid Google account. Strange, because I did nothing to the program, was working fine since it was released, then just out of the blue - This happened. I went through the steps to try to restore purchase (Website) but it's greyed out, I can't access it. Any Ideas? To be clear, it was originally purchased from the website, NOT Google play.
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