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  1. Sometimes I think that, it would have been better if there is a SeekBar when playing the music via Widgets. I could be able to view, forward or backward the progress. So here is a request, If possible add SeekBar in Widgets of all size with Enable or Disable options in widget settings menu. Also if possible add the SeekBar for the case of Notification panel.


  2. On Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 7:46 AM, babu.rajiv2007 said:


    I'm from India, and sadly I'm unable to purchase the unlocked from Play Store, as it doesn't support my card.

    I tried purchasing it from the site, but when asked for entering the expiry of the card, it's only until 2026, whereas mine is of a later year.

    I'm unable to do anything.

    Plus, comparing the rates at Play Store and the site, there's almost a difference of 3$. Being a student, I find that a bit troubling. Why is there a huge difference?


    Do help. 



    You can buy Google Play Gift Card and Redeem it. Gift cards are available in Snapdeal and other stores ( You can googled for stores ). The price variants in Snapdeal are ₹ 750, ₹ 1000 & ₹ 1500.

    Wish that your problems will be solved.

  3. 5 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Is this a problem with bluetooth playback, or just local device playback on speaker or headset? Locally I find pause and resume around phone calls (for example) works fine, it's once external devices are involved that it gets more complicated.


    I face this problem with the device speaker. Still I don't test this with headset or bluetooth headset.


    It seems that the Permanent Audio Focus Change ( Left panel → Settings → Headset/Bluetooth → Audio Focus → Permanent Audio Focus Change ) option does not work properly. I don't get Pause or Resume facility.

    1. The playback automatically stops and close Poweramp during the phone calls, either this option is enabled or disabled. And never resume.

    2. When I open in-built music player and MX Player, Poweramp continue it's playback in background if this option is disabled. But in enabled mode Poweramp stops and exit. And never resume. 

    3. When I play games, Poweranp continue it's playback in background, either this option is enabled or disabled.

    Samsung S-7582, android 4.2.2, PA build 702

  5. Visualization is awesome. But sometimes I want to stop this. Here is the problem. When Poweramp is running, from right panel I disabled the visualization. It works fine. But when I stop the player and replay again, visualization starts automatically. This happens for both builds 700 & 701.

    If this is a bug then please fix this. If not, then I have a request of option to fully stop the visualization.

    Samsung 7582, OS 4.2.2

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