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  1. On 3/18/2019 at 10:45 AM, andrewilley said:

    The method I had suggested (and which Max said he hoped to be able to implement at the time) was only a minor tweak to the Repeat button options (and terminology) to make it generally more logical and easier to understand. Especially as the term 'Advance List' is still a regular source of confusion for new users. This would give the simple but flexible ability to PLAY or REPEAT by either SONG, CATEGORY or ALL, thus:

    Play One Song (stop at end of current song, ready in place to play the next song) [NEW]
    Play Current Category (stop at end of the current Category/List, ready in place to start playing the next Category) [currently called REPEAT OFF]
    Play All Categories (stop when finished playing all Categories/Lists, ready in place to start again at the beginning).[NEW. This should probably be the default mode for new installations, rather than playing forever]
    Repeat One Song [currently called REPEAT SONG]
    Repeat Current Category [currently called REPEAT LIST]
    Repeat All Categories (play all Categories/Lists, then start again from the beginning, repeating forever) [currently called ADVANCE LIST]

    For the old term 'List', I've now substituted the word 'Category' in order to keep it more in line with v3 terminology (which was implemented because there was an element of user-confusion between the generic term 'list', and the more specific definition of 'Playlist').

    Anyway, hopefully @maxmp might get a chance to revisit and tweak this sometime sooner than the next seven years. :) :)



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