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  1. I don't understand that is it a bug or anything else. Today when I open the player for first time, a pop-up appears "Update is available. New build 897." I download the update and strange, it is build 893. Then I check the website, I can't find build 897. Throughout the day I check many times the in-app updater and the website simultaneously, and always get the same result. I am using the uni build 893 version.


  2. 15 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    So does artwork in notifications change correctly for you when PA is not in foreground?


    I don't know the artwork in notification posted in my previous screenshot ( https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19632-notification-artwork-does-not-update/?do=findComment&comment=88721 ) is exact or not. If it is exact then 'Notification' works well in my device.

  3. 14 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @PChwdhry where exactly did you get that "stable" ROM? The available official is still 11 (https://c.mi.com//miuidownload/detail?device=1900373) here.

    The problem with MIUI12 "derivatives" is that they are buggy (stable MIUI12 ROMs are quite buggy ATM too) and it's not possible to reproduce issue on the final OTAs. And where it's possible to reproduce - nothing can be done from app side - it's a ROM bug. Just wait for the ROM bug fix update.


    I got this update through official OTA. In update settings I opt for "Receive updates early".


    Update tracker : https://c.mi.com/thread-3126620-1-0.html


  4. 6 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    And what do you want to say about that screenshot? Is the unknown artist/album info incorrect, does the file actually have correct tags? Or is it something else - artwork?


    15 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Updates fine for me on Samsung devices with PA in foreground or background. Are you perhaps using a MIUI ROM as there have been other reports of issues with those devices?


    As a user of MIUI ROM I share these screenshots, nothing else.

  5. On 5/28/2020 at 7:23 AM, supcube said:

    Nice! It would also be great if we could edit the lyrics stored on tags for people who prefer to do everything manually instead of using 3rd party apps. Currently I use the computer for this, but it'd be nice to have the ability to do it on the Poweramp app itself.


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