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  1. The 704 build has notification bar bug on 8.1 beta, after change the song, the buttons become invisible and no functional. So sad.
  2. the first time I have bought it from the website. then I find its so stupid to verify the license, so I bought it from google play again. As we say, bugs, it's not only occur in beta version.
  3. sometimes I really regret why I have brought twice Poweramp. so annoying with this update things. this is not a free software, we paid for it. and now we get the system update with the bugs occur. the developer just cost almost one and half years to develop the new version, which is great. no ui pics, no new alpha version, no any news, so what are we waiting for? we just need the info about the process, so why is so hard to max just post something? just disappointed so far.
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