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  1. White background? OMG! We discussed this issue before the months. Yes, maybe white background will be better than old interface but why does not Max open his own eyes and look around? Samsung Music Player (or Spotify) uses colourful blur effect for the background changing depending on album cover and today, it is the most modern interface for a music player. At least it could be made a preset to be left to the user request. Of course, we have not tried it yet but I interpret it according to his explanations.
  2. Yes, that's logical. In this way everyone can use with optional settings. Also I can say that easily, the majority of people will use colourful background (to according changing album cover) option for player lists.
  3. No, I do not explain what I do say.. I want to say for example when we change tracks (in lists) I want to see theme according to changing album cover change background in the player list. As a result, I want to see like these (uploading images) colorful backgrounds... Poweramp uses only black background in lists for years and this situation was boring in time. People like new things and I think this is good idea for Poweramp.
  4. Firstly we want to see new design ui Especially dark lists should change with more special, effective and a colourfull theme. (like new samsung music lists theme) Please, do not ignore this... Also I want to see some special audio settings like that in jet audio program.
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