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  1. Hi, If you download the app from this website, from the download section, and install it manually it should work. Then if you like the app, you can then purchase the unlocker directly from this site. Koush
  2. Hi, I would like to see on a landscape mode, the album are move to the left or right of the screen, instead of the centre and move the album info next to it. as in a car, trying to read the track, artist, etc is too small and in a android car stereo there is lots of room up in that area. Koush
  3. Hi, Liking the new Poweramp. Is it possible to have the album art not in the centre of the screen, but to the left or right and have the album info next to it instead of the bottom. When you are driving, its hard to read down there, and there is so much space up around there, the album info might be able to be made larger. Thanks Koush
  4. Hi, If you use an app call ES File Explorer, see if it sees you external drive. If it does then PA should also see it. If it does not, try to format your drive fat32 or exfat and see if it see it. I had mine formatted to exfat and it would not see it, I have to format to fat32, used a program called Guiformat, it formats drives into fat32 that are bigger than 8gb, see attached. By the way, what is the make and model of the tablet, it might help us find specs that might tell what file format it reads. Koush guiformat.exe
  5. Hi, Can you see the drive in file manager in android? Koush
  6. Hi, I have a 128gb connected to my android unit and it sees it ok. I did have to format the drive to fat32 for my android unit to see it, but since I have done this it been ok. Koush
  7. Hi, yes as soon as I start the car, Poweramp comes on, takes about 5 sec for Poweramp to confirm the usb file, then the time flashes. I then press the play button. It remember the file it was playing, but always starts back to the beginning of the file. do you want me to post a video of it? Koush
  8. Hi, All I have to do it press the power button with the ignition off and the unit come on straight away. if it had powered down it would do a reboot with the Android logo. the stock music play remembers the last track position and start to play immediately, I would say its more of a standby than sleep. Koush
  9. I am using V2 588. I tested this morning to see if it still did it when switching to another source. If I go to the radio and back to PA, it remembers where the last position, but still have to press play to make it play. So it seems it does not remember when switching the ignition off/on, even though its in sleep mode, not switch off. Koush
  10. Hi Andre, My android car stereo always starts from the beginning of the track when every I switch off the ignition. he unit does not shut down, but goes into sleep mode, so when I switch the ignition on the unit is ready to play after 1-2 second. I think it also does this when I switch from one app back to Poweramp. The app that came with the unit restarts where It left off, even after a full reboot. Thanks Koush
  11. Hi, Yes I would like to see this also, and for it to resume where it left off. Koush
  12. Hi, Figured it out, just opt out of the testing, back to normal. Koush
  13. Hi, I don't mind how the >> and << are displayed, but the track info is very squished, is that going to be fixed in the final release? If the album art could be movable like left, centre right of the screen, that would solve the icons getting in the way, and if the album art is on the left of the screen, there room to put the track info there. So if I want to keep the way it looks, just don't update? as the google store want me to update, but it updates to v3, is that correct? Thanks Koush
  14. Hi, I've install this version on my car stereo, the problem I find it the controls are now to the left of the screen and next to them is the album info, artist, song etc. the track info is very squished on the right side. the v2 used to have the controls above the track info taking the full width of the screen, is there away to change this? also there are icons on the top of the screen to the right, tag info, visualization, the problem is they extend over the album art, it there a way to disable these icons?
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