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  1. Thx for the last update because it fixed! I updated my Poweramp some secs ago and it didn't reset the position of the track! v3-build-805-play
  2. I have the same issue, it always happen in my Playlists. I will open the app and it will show the last music I was playing in the playlist, so if I hit play poweram will go automatically to the first song of the playlist and it will be in the same secs as the previous song was when Poweramp was closed.
  3. Hi all, Something that I really miss in Poweramp, is the search option inside the playlist so it shows only the result of songs in the playlist. I am sorry if it DOES have the option, I still couldn't find it
  4. I'm checking your app for playlist management and it is really cool! I use the Media Player to sync all of my Musics on my devices, like android and mp4. So I find it easier to always keep the same modifications of albums art and so on...including the playlist.
  5. Yes it does, I use it since the first Poweramp versions. But I will try this format you mentioned. I have a question. Whenever you are playing your playlist. Does Poweramp send you back to the first song of the list after you close the app? Let's say you are in the song number five at 2mins in the song. If you close from recent apps and reopen and play it, it will send you to the first song of the list but in the same time the previous song was.
  6. The format of them is ".WPL". I always use the playlist section of the app to play them. I updated them using Media Player on my computer to see if this problem would be solved but it did not work. And btw thx for the attention! Playlist.txt
  7. The Playlists are mine. The Poweramp just maps it. It will auto "delete" the one that I'm mostly using. I say delete in quotes because the playlist just get all blank, so Poweramp does not show it
  8. Hello friends, I've been trying to find any thread related to it but I haven't found any. However I am playing one of my Playlists one of them will get deleted without I even make an update. So when I go to the playlisy folder the file will be there but all blank and empty. So to kinda fix it, I will let a bkp of it in another folder so I can drag and drop in my main Playlist folder.
  9. I don't know about you guys, but i can't search in the list that I am playing.
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