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  1. thank you very much for the blur on the lock screen Pts wrote a long time in " F eature Requests" about this, immediately went to check this feature after installation thank you very much, again my regards, maxmp but in general !!!!! everything is fine (even though it's beta-preview)
  2. Poweramp 705 is still crashing... Oops I forgot 705 doesn't even exist. so... WHERE'S NEW VERSION MAX? AND WHAT T F HAVE U BEEN DOIN' FOR THESE MONTHS? i'm done.
  3. I didn't mentioned this feature as the most important, but i mentioned it as the simple feature that makes player more individual and exotic (also it makes player UI more beautiful )
  4. I think, many people will agree with me Request for option to blur lock screen cover art. Usual lock screen: look at this cover with pixels, art is strached by the way!! It doesn't seem to be beautiful For example, Blackplayer (that's NOT the AD) have this option. Just install and see difference between typical player without blur option and Blackplayer. It makes lock screen more esthetic. Summing up, blur option for lock screen cover art is just simple but makes lock screen much more fabulous Thank you!
  5. Disable Poweramp lock screen in the settings
  6. Hi, I think it would be great to add function to make lock screen cover art blur. Most of my songs ( i think not only me) doesn't have cover art in high resolution ( and high resolution cover art needs more performance) and "it's not cool" to see pixels using this Great player. On this screen you can see Poweramp (on the left) and another player's lock screen.
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