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  1. No, it doesn't change anything. Best regards, Tom
  2. It looks like it works in all previous versions available in that post, ie. until build-582. Best regards, Tom
  3. I have the same problem since a couple of last updates of Poweramp on android 5.1.1. Best regards, Tom
  4. Hello, A couple of Poweramp updates ago the feature of returning to the previous playlist after current queue is finished stopped working on my phone. Instead, the queue is repeated from the beginning after its end. Before, it worked without any problems. I didn't change any settings although I verified whether toying with different queue settings would change the situation - and it didn't. As it is a very useful feature, could you please verify why there may be problems with it? Best regards, Tom Phone specs: - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Android version: 5.1.1
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