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  1. @Brainscollector, Love the designs (especially the dark ones!) Question - What do you think should go in the left hamburger menu given that it's shared between the Now Playing vue, as well as the music listing menu? Same applies to the dotted menu as well as the search box?
  2. Apologies I should have been more clear. I would like to see less items in the Player UI (i.e. it's getting quite cluttered). For example, personally I don't use the rating system at all, and that's because it doesn't sync back to my computer (not Poweramp's fault at all, more iTunes not having support for Android). And it would be amazing if you could make the Repeat/Shuffle buttons on/off as well. Repeat All/None, Shuffle List/Songs or Shuffle none. I think it would be good for you guys to know specific use cases of Poweramp from your users, so I start with myself. - I use iTunes to manage my music and have about ~40GB mostly MP3s on my Macbook. - I use iTunes to rate the music and use smart playlists to only sync a selection of that music to my devices including my phone where Poweramp is installed. - I use iSyncr to sync the iTunes playlists/songs with my phone (Nexus 6P). These songs are copied into a folder called Music. - I also have a download folder for music that's not yet organised (like Singles from my native tongue). This folder is synced to my phone using Syncthing. These songs are copied into a folder called New Music. In PA, I set my folder page to look at music only in the New Music folder, while the library loads music on from the Music folder. In the library, I only care about the following menu items: - All songs, --> I only use this to Shuffle All music. - Artists, - Playlists Suggestions: - It would be best if we had a settings to put the Folders section as a menu there and merge the two tabs into one. - Option of hiding Recently Player and Recently Added categories. - Replace All Songs with Shuffle All possibly. Most people have 100s/1000s of music files on the device and it doesn't make sense to navigate the list that long at all. - Also, a larger button to have to go to the Player UI rather than the tiny PA icon in the bottom left. And finally, thank you so much for listening to your users feedback!
  3. Hey Andre, I would go with what guyverzero said as well. In my opinion, I think when people mention Material Design, they don't mean the UI part, but more the UX part (the UI part can be fixed with a theme). I have been around the block with quite a few different players and none was on-par with Poweramp's music capabilities, and the only reason why I did that was because of Poweramp's outdated UX. If you are going to revamp the UX, please bear in mind the following: - Simplified menu structure - Try to get to places with the least number of taps. Going back from an album to a playlist takes 5 or more taps! - Avoid small items, like the 3 menu dots on a row - think of people who want to use that menu in a car, or with some app on the edge of the screen. - Simplified shuttle/repeat button. You have no idea how many times I thought I knew what each button does and was surprised. - A lot of buttons and gadgets on the player UI. - In constrast, I do like the settings menu, I think that's well categorised in comparison to say something like Black Music Player All of this comes down to making Poweramp a really really simple yet powerful music player and I think that's where the challenge is Thanks for listening to the suggestion of your users Cheers, Mo
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