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  1. Thanks for the feedback. While I disagree with you about the icremental updates the problem was not what we wanted. Ofc if Max is developing alone it's gonna take time and it's understandable. The problem was that those months we had no serious feedback from him. No updates no words nothing. It was like he left the forum to die. This is why people kept asking if the app is still in active development. I take it that Max is not a talkative person but sometimes a small feedback now and then won't hurt. I'm looking forward to see his work and try out the Beta when it's ready ofc.
  2. I would like to see Material design. Many say that Material hinders dev creativity etc but this is absolutely false. Maybe it does when you dont use it properly. The truth is Poweramp needed badly a complete makeover. There are other music player apps that gained momentum out there and Poweramp got forgotten. Poweramp is an Android app that needs to coordinate with the ecosystem system better. Material makes it easier for the eyes and more modern. The Alpha as it is seems almost the same as the old and this is not a good thing after all this year's that we waited the new version. Also Poweramp needs to be cool again to gain new users. Material can help with that.
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