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  1. Ok so I took my girlfriends galaxy s6 and uploaded the same songs In the same format they played without any issue. Who leads me to think that this might be just specific to my LG G4. But if files are still needed for testing I will be more than glad to share.
  2. All audio formats are in either mp3 or mp4 but it seems to occur more on my tracks that are in mp4 format. And yes going back to the songs makes it do it again, play and pause do not fix it. It does it with tracks on my phone and on my sd card.
  3. So I have a problem. And that problem is that as I'm listening to songs random ones will become slow, like the pitch and bpm is lowered but I didnt change it. Like the whole song it self is playing in slow motion. If that makes sense. But that's the only thing I am seeing wrong other than that it works fine. Is there a way to fix this yet?
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