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  1. Hi, Tried Hi_res playback yesterday on my G4 + Klipsch Image S2 (320kbps constant bitrate mp3s) and sound is significantly quieter and feels flat with lack of detail. I would expect the oposite with HiRes But I hope theres still some improvements to do.
  2. Awesome job Brainscollector Love the dark theme. I think the PA needs some new fresh, lightweight look and it seems you hit the nail on the head with it
  3. Hi, Im running this alpha since yesterday on my LG G4 android 6.0. So far so good, only reservation is about visualizations which doesnt seem to be on par with music, its seems delayed or ahead (not sure). I also wish I know what is "resampler cutoff frequency" good for (97% is set as default) and what is the best dithering method and if it even should be enabled for mp3 playback.
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