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  1. Hi I hope this email finds you safe and well. I know that you generously offer product discounts for existing customers. I own dbPoweramp Music Converter and PerfectTUNES. Am I entitled to a discount for the purchase of TuneFUSION? Many thanks - Stay Well!
  2. This is very helpful - Thank you! Stay Safe!
  3. Hi I'm new to ripping CDs. I am a Poweramp 3 owner - I love this product. I noticed that when I listen to audio in my car - MP3 190 bps just doesn't do it for me. I have about 700 CDs and unfortunately, I've ripped many of them (using DBPoweramp) as MP3s at 190. Someone suggested that I rip them as FLAC and then convert the ones I want to take with me to a different format for my phone. What do you think? I have an Android phone - what format is good for my portable device, bit rate, etc.? Keep in mind that I have about 6,000 songs on my phone. Than
  4. Thank you for your thoughtful help. You note that v3 does have a learning curve. For many of us that don't have the desire or time to figure it out. It would be really helpful for the user community for the project team to publish a how to video (like many software developers do).
  5. So sorry to hear - try reverting to v2. All my Issues were instantly resolved.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Despite all the help I received - see above, nothing worked. Believe me - I know how to use PA. The moment I reverted to V2 all issues vanished. I am once again totally pleased with PA V2.
  7. I have owned and loved Poweramp for years. The new 3.0 version is terrible. The interface is nasty and confusing. I can't get PA to play and repeat an entire album/playlist. No matter what I do PA shuffles the songs. I posted this issue on the PA forum. A number of solutions were suggested - none worked. I reached a point where PA took the fun out of my listening experience. I removed v3 and installed v2. Everything works perfectly.
  8. Andre Thanks for your help. I'm wondering, have you read the entire thread. PA is shuffling - no matter what I do. I have owned PA for 3 years and use it every day. I have never had this issue before. My screenshot was intended to help me explain what is going on. The shuffle icon that appears on the album screen cannot be changed - why is that. I totally know how to use v2 - but v3 - is awkward and I have not been able to perform the simple task of selecting an album or playlist and having PA play the entire album and repeat. Go figure.
  9. Here's more information to help you diagnose the problem FYI - I deleted and then reinstalled the app - the issues remain. When I select an album to play, I get the screen with the list of songs. In the upper left corner there is a shuffle button. I cannot change the shuffle options. When I select the first song in the album to play I get the single song screen (fyi - it's pretty busy) it has shuffle controls as well. When I select play list and repeat - PA switches to a new album after the first song. Not sure what's going on. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for your suggestions. I did a rescan prior to your post. Nothing has changed. Please consider that I used Poweramp every day for 3 years and never had a problem. You might consider a YouTube tutorial to help familiarize users with the changes to the UI. I am still having trouble getting Poweramp to do simple things as mentioned in my previous post. Thank you
  11. Hi I have been a Poweramp user for 3 years. I love Poweramp. Until recently, it was a seamless and easy to use app to play the over 4,000 mp3's on my phone. 3.0 changed everything. I can no longer select an album and expect Poweramp to play the entire album from beginning to end or repeat. I can no longer select a playlist and expect Poweramp to play the entire album from beginning to end or repeat. No matter what I do, Poweramp quickly wanders off course and just starts randomly playing songs. Believe me I know how to use Poweramp - this is not a user e
  12. Hi Thank you - unfortunately, it didn't work. I selected a playlist - selected the first song and followed your instructions. After completing the first song on the playlist, it just played a random song on my phone. I have been a PA owner for 3 years and use it everyday. I am familiar with the features but cannot get v3 to play an entire album or playlist. I know that v3 is the result of a lot of research and hard work but I don't understand why I am struggling to do the simplest tasks. Any thoughts? Thank you
  13. Hi I'm a longtime Poweramp user. I am having difficulty with simple play/repeat functions that were easy to do in V2. When I select a CD to play or a playlist PA shuffles the content of all music on my phone. How do I get PA to play just the CD or playlist and repeat indefinitely if I choose? Thank you
  14. Hi I have been using Poweramp for years - and of course, it is great. Recently, I have been experiencing issues that I have not been able to resolve. Here are 2 examples of the same issue: I ripped the Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold (2 CDs) using dBpoweramp CD ripper. I dragged the MP3 files for CD 1 to my android - the files copied successfully. When I went to copy the CD 2 to my android - The message "There is already a file with the same name in this location" I checked my phone - the CD 2 files were not on my computer. I selected "Copy and Replace" - all CD 1 F
  15. Hi i realize this is a very basic question but i can't seem to figure it out. how do i turn PA off no matter what i do - when i open PA - i see the last CD/song i was listening on Pause - scrolling across the bottom of the screen is there anyway to clear this so there is nothing on pause i've tried shutting down the app etc - but it's still on pause. thanks so much for your help - E
  16. Hi i read so many great things about PA on-line that i had to try it out. i was wondering if there is a YouTube tutorial or a user manual? i'm not really good at playing with stuff to figure things out. for example - i did a search for an album - found it - clicked play - PA played the first song from the album - after that song was over - PA just started playing random songs - totally unrelated to the album or genre. i could say what gives - i know better - that's why i'm asking for guidance many thanks - Ethan
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