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  1. Hello friends, I'm writting to you becouse I have bought this Poweramp at Play Store and works great for my Samsung Galaxy SII GT. But now I have change my old device for another one (BQ M5.5 lolipop with dolby atmos sound system), and now I have a problem with Poweramp and dolby atmos, when I use your program my dolby atmos get disabled, and I can't get him active again, I have tried to disable from settings and tried to stop the service but don't work, the only one way to enable my dolby atmos is rebooting my device and it get me bored about do it every time that I want use this program. I have tried to go at your program settings and activate the option from equalicer system or something like this (I don't remember now the name of the option) it advice the user about to use the own android equalicer system but don't work, the problem persist and I don't find any fix to this problem. Thanks for try help us. (sorry if some phrase is little rude or you can't understand well, but my english isn't so good).
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