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  1. I uninstalled Lucky Patcher for 24 hours and also reinstalled and restored the app(Reintsalled Poweramp). When I looked at it, it said "License Verification Failed" and said "Error Unknown/Unknown" What else can I do?
  2. I will try to remove lucky patcher and see if that helps. I was having the License problems before I installed Lucky Patcher but my phone was rooted before the problems.
  3. Hello about every time I open Poweramp it says "License Verification Failed" and locks me out of using the app. I have bought and installed the unlocker from Google Play. I have un installed and reinstalled both the unlocker and application. Currently I am using LuckyPatcher to crack the application so I can use it. (I've been using lucky patcher after I couldn't get it to verify). What can I do to make it verify legally? I live in the US. Thanks in advance. I have a Droid Bionic.
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