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  1. Can't Poweramp just write the rating to an m3u8 file? m3u8 is a pretty flexible schema, they could easily just add a #RATING, #RATE, or whatever, directive. It would probably be ignored by other vendors, but who cares? At least you'd be able to import your ratings again when the unthinkable happens and you lose all your saved settings, etc.
  2. I have a couple albums where the volume is really low in relation to all my other albums, this would be a nice feature.
  3. Is there a plugin or something to display additional artist information on the currently playing track? I love this feature when I listen to music on Slacker, where you can basically get a discography, new albums, concerts, artist history, etc. If not, do the developer tools support a method for third partys to implement something like this? I've done a little Android dev, so could take a whack at it if it's possible.
  4. My phone has a lot of music on it. I have tons of 3 star songs I typically don't listen to, and should probably just delete off my sd card, but that's a lot of work. On the other hand, Poweramp gave me the ability to rate songs. I diligently rated all the music on my device (took a few days, and a lot of skipping) and was horrified to find that I couldn't enqueue only 5 stars, or only 4 stars, etc. Is there a way to filter by only 5 star/4 star/etc. that I may have missed? My solution was to export ALL music as a playlist after it was sorted by "Highest rating" and manually delete all th
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