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  1. Can you please write your issue details to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com? Thanks! .
  2. I suggest you guys to donwload the cracked application, I am sure I won't have problems with that. I will download it and I will let you know how it works. I can see that it's not necessary to root your device to bypass the license verification.
  3. I still have the problem and what make me angry is that I only have one stupid response from Power amp and it says that I have to send them an email, email that they DON'T answer. They noticed that my issue can not be fixed so they don't reply to my email. andrewilley, do you understand why I am so angry? do you understand my frustration? If I am not mistaken, this is a Power Amp forum, right? can you see a solution from them in this post? They don't give a F*** their customers. I really appreciate your help andrewilley.
  4. Finally I sent them a respose the same date and soooooooo faaaaaaaaar, no response from them. They don't give a F*** their customers.
  5. Also, the first time I contacted PA was on Sep 21st and the las time I received a response from them was on Oct 9th. I contacted them to let them know that I am no longer interested in their app and I received this clever response: Please try to reset Poweramp to defaults with Android Settings => Apps (or Applications) => Poweramp => Clear data. Hahahahahahahaha. What kind of customer support they have.
  6. I resquested my money back on Sep 25th 2015 and I was told to submit the information regarding to the purchase. I sent them the transaction ID and then, nothing. One week later, I sent them another email and they sent me basic TS. What kind of customer support has Power Amp? Trust me, I think that Alex Planotov is a ROBOT!!!!!
  7. My device is not rooted and it works fine. I already checked the licenses too many time, but every time I go off line, it seems it doesn't recognize it. I purchased the app directly from google play store. And everytime I request refund, they do nothing. I don't receive emails as a response for my request. As you can see, nobody from Power am has answer me or try to contact me, I get the same useless responses: Contact us here, do thi, do that. Only bullshit!
  8. I already did it but they don't answer my emails. If they send me an email is only with basic TS.
  9. Correct, as I stated before, they already provided me all TS I can perform. In addition to that, my device is not rooted, I purchased the app through google play store and I verify the licenses when I have internet connection. The problem is, once I go offline to use the app, I get the message that power amp can not verify the purchase. I already sent several screenshots about what is the eeror message and screenshots showing the purchase. So, once they notice there's nothing they can do, I don't receive any response from them. So, I send them email in order to let them know that I don care anymore the app, then, one day later I receive basic TS. What kind of customer support is that? That's why I pissed off.
  10. I do understand I will continue having the same problem since I have a 34 conversation emails with a power amp agant. I already gave him all the information he need, also, I sent him screenshots of the licence problems I have and he only provided me TS that I ALREDY PERFORMED. I don't know if he doesn't take his time to READ but I keep getting the same troubleshooting steps. I can not use the app offline because of the message to verify my licences. I do verify the lecence and then, when I am offline, I get the same error. Now that I explained you the issue, please give me a solution........
  11. I already did it and only receive the same basic TS, I am pissed off. Alex Platonov sent me the same BS! I already paid for the app and I have problems with the licenses.
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