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  1. I checked the Music Folders. They were set correctly (interesting this didn't go away when I deleted app data?) but just in case I unchecked and rechecked them. Then iSyncr-ed another few albums as means of test. Poweramp automatically did a rescan and detected a total of 19 songs on my phone. WHAAAT??? (the actual number is 2600 or so) So I went and just checked everything in Music Folders and now I have a lot of songs twice. And all my playlists have 0 tracks. I think I'll just format the SD card and re-sync everything which is quite painful as iTunes kabunked some of my playlists in the meantime I'd switch to Sony's Music app if it didn't arbitrarily cut last few seconds off every song. Edit: This was scary. I clicked "import system playlists" and ended with two copies of every playlist, one empty, one not. So I deleted all Poweramp playlists and re-imported. It worked! So I went to iSyncr again, dropped in another album, imported, Poweramp automatically rescanned and added the new album. So other than duplicate tracks I will have to rot out one by one as I encounter them it seems to work. I had to select all folders in order to achieve that though, not just music folders. Thanks Andre!
  2. Thanks for the response Andre, especially in the light of your signature. I tried on device memory and those appear after rescan, so problem is limited to SD card. Interesting. Indeed, the files do not appear in the Library at all, even after triggering rescan more than once. What is interesting is that Poweramp starts a rescan on its own (or is it the phone that does it?), then completes it without noticing added files. (I added Enya's new album, so not a playlist.) The Sony Music app sees new songs, they are on the SD card, and after I delete app data of Poweramp forcing a full rescan this way they do finally appear.
  3. Thanks for all your extensive help on this, aren't I glad I bought the full version.
  4. I'm using an SD card. What I find odd is that this has always worked until – two months ago or so? I was hoping for an update fixing it, but, well, not yet.
  5. No reply... I just tried to sync a playlist again – 50 tracks. Tracks got copied using iSyncr, no errors. Playlist didn't appear. I clicked "file based playlists" and got all my playlists duplicated, plus the new one... with 20 tracks. (Why 20?) Then I went to App > Clear data, did another rescan and hey presto, here it is. This is extremely uncomfortable...
  6. I did (twice in a row), no change though. First I thought the music didn't copy, but Sony Music app recognises the new files. And so does Poweramp – once I delete app data and it performs a full rescan.
  7. Hello, first off the specs: Poweramp version and build number (available in Poweramp Settings => About): 2.0.10-build-581-play (Full Version)Your device model: Xperia Z3 CompactYour Android version: T-Mobile 5.1.1 build 23.4.A.1.200 (this happened in 5.0.2 too) The problem: I use iSyncr to copy music to my phone's SD card. I've been using this for... two years or so now. It always worked, I'd rescan folders and Poweramp would see my music. Recently I noticed a change though. After I copy new music, Poweramp seems to detect that automagically, does the rescan and... does not add music to the library. Sony's Music app sees the new files, but Poweramp doesn't. A solution to this is deleting the data of Poweramp app, which causes it to do a full rescan and add my missing files. But as you can probably imagine it's not the most comfortable solution if one adds music every few days like I do... Looking forward to hearing from you!
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