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  1. After 1 day I am convinced Neutron suits my needs completely, Poweramp & BubbleuPnP combined. Great sound, can select and browse my external SD card, uPnP and SMB support so I can play directly from my 1TB Seagate Wireless... UI could be improved though, but one can get used to it... If the Poweramp devs only listen to numerous users and start supporting SMB....
  2. None of the in the first mentioned older versions worked. Before the last update to build 581, my last update was about two years ago... Goodbye to Poweramp then, waste of money, and it also lacked the possibility to browse network drives. It shouldn't be that hard to realize (ES File manager can, so should Poweramp), and it has been a request for long by users (May 14th, 2013). I stick to BubbleuPnP for playing my mp3's......
  3. No, it happened as a result of a Poweramp update a couple of days ago. I was able to select the external card as a top level device before, but I am not sure which version that was, I don't update regularly (and sadly I am remembered why...)
  4. I can see the external card listed in the folders list of the sd card, but I can't see a triangle next to it, and I can't expand it. See screenshot:
  5. Hi. It seems I can't open my external sd card anymore when I want to select my music folders on. It is scanned and I can play music from it, but I would like to be able again to select my folders. I'm using Poweramp on a LG P990 with an updated stock rom, android version 4.0.4. Can you please help me?
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